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Your festival event guide for the greater Dayton Area, including all of Montgomery County.

Welcome to a comprehensive festival listing page and guide for Dayton, Ohio and the greater area. Once area festivals are confirmed on the main Ohio Festival Schedule, they are copied over to this page to make it easier to plan your weekend festival adventures. Please keep in mind that you should not see area festivals that have been canceled or have not yet been confirmed.

Other areas of Ohio with Festival Schedule Pages include Akron-Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo.

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2023 Dayton Festival Schedule

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12/1-12/3 – Woodland Lights III – Washington Township

12/4-12/10 – A Carillon Christmas III – Dayton
12/4-12/10 – Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland: Dayton IV – Dayton
12/8-12/10 – Woodland Lights IV – Washington Township

12/11-12/17 – A Carillon Christmas IV – Dayton
12/11-12/17 – Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland: Dayton V – Dayton
12/14-12/17 – Woodland Lights V – Washington Township

12/18-12/24 – A Carillon Christmas V – Dayton
12/18-12/24 – Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland: Dayton VI – Dayton
12/18-12/24 (Closed 12/24) – Woodland Lights VI – Washington Township

12/25-12/30 – A Carillon Christmas VI – Dayton
12/25-12/31 – Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland: Dayton VII – Dayton

I’m going to stop listing events on this page in 2024.

You can always find these festivals on the Ohio Festival Guide.