Mayfest – Berea, Ohio

The Mayfest is an arts festival next to the Berea’s beautiful Coe Lake.

2024 DATE: May 18, 2024


This post documents my experience on May 28, 2011.

With many art festivals usually having the same setup, I wasn’t sure if the Mayfest would provide us with anything unique.

But since Julia and I were already on our way to Cleveland and we were definitely into exploring the city of Berea, we had decided that the Mayfest might be nice to check out on such a beautiful spring day.

Obviously, other people felt the same.

With nearby Valley Forge High School’s prom occurring that evening…

…teens in colorful dresses and tuxes invaded Coe Lake’s picturesque park with their bright colors and designs…

…causing quite a bit of interest by festival goers, lakeside walkers…

…and even the occasional fisherman.

Even I had to remind myself on why I was here, eventually drifting away from the groups of parents and occasional limo drivers….

…and going right into the Mayfest…

…an intimate arts festival made up of two short aisles.

Overall, the Mayfest was pleasant…

…with musical entertainment


…and some great colorful pieces available.

But as flashes of color kept flashing in my peripheral vision….

…it was hard not to think that this was the unique thing we were looking for.