Request a Festival Visit

Reviews and blog posts are beneficial to festivals.

They bring awareness to newer festivals, renew interest in the older ones, and they catch the eye of both the festival fan as well as the potential vendor.

I have visited and reviewed over 500 festivals in Ohio and beyond…

…and I could visit yours…

…but you may need to ask.

That’s why I’m now leaving a Request Form for those who want me to visit and document their festival.

This means that I would visit your festival, photograph what makes your festival great, and write a review within the following week.  That review would be available for future visitors and vendors to read and plan for many years to come.

All reviews are fair and based on my own personal experience at the festival.  Also, if I am given any perks (free admission, etc.), I do note this in the review so that the reader is aware.

Festival reviews are at no charge to the festival.

Sound like something you’re interested in?  Fill out the form and find out more!

I hope to hear from you!