Germantown Pretzel Festival – Germantown, Ohio

The Germantown Pretzel Festival takes place in Veterans Memorial Park, offering carnival rides, tons of craft vendors, entertainment and various food options – including different kinds of pretzels.

2023 DATE: September 23-24, 2023
Location: Veterans Memorial Park
190 W Warren St
Germantown, OH 45327
Website: https://germantownpretzelfestival.com/


This post documents my experience on September 25, 2010.

Just a half hour Southwest of Dayton, Germantown most probably got its name from its first inhabitants, a group of German-speaking settlers who came in from Berks County, PA (part of Pennsylvania Dutch Country). Now considered a historic town with its maintained 19th and early 20th century buildings, it was a place I wish I had explored more.lBut with 4 more festivals to check out and over 300 miles to drive, I parked the car and ran directly to…

…the 31st Germantown Pretzel Festival.

And let me say how nice it was, after going to four Oktoberfests in one month’s time, to visit a festival with a German influenced product – or the evolution of it in the States – as opposed to trying to celebrate an entire culture. It was just a nice twist (pun intended) on things.

Held in Germantown’s Veterans Memorial Park…

…rows of vendors were set up this way and that (almost seemed mixed up at times)…

…selling everything from autumn crafts to Pirate props.

And if the goods within the festivals didn’t interest you…

…there were rides to enjoy…

…historic relics to read about and visit.

l…and even a nice gazebo in the middle of the park…

…where the entertainment sometimes came to you.

But if you were anyone like me…

…you wanted to check out the selection of food booths.

And here at the Pretzel Festival…

…getting a pretzel was easy to do.

I decided to get breakfast here…

…at the Pretzel Hut booth from Miamisburg…

…where I ordered a glowing pretzel dipped in butter and salted.

But you didn’t have to go with anything traditional…

…as there were jalapeno, pizza, cinnamon sugar, sweet cream cheese and cheese-filled varieties.

You could even get sandwiches on pretzel buns.

At the Miss Molly Bakery and Cafe booth from Farmersville…l

…she had pretzel buns for sale…

…as well as these pretzel-topped brownies.

But I shouldn’t make it seem like it was only pretzels at the pretzel festival.

This interesting booth I saw had Kentucky Style pork chop sandwiches…

…and the Methodist Bread Basket booth sold me a delicious orange cranberry loaf for $4.

But, when local groups are involved, I guess I’m just a sucker for baked goods.

I may even be a sucker for pretzels.

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