20 – Pawpaw Festival Review – Lake Snowden, Ohio – 9/19/09

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I have 2 more current posts on this festival. To read my 2011 experience, you can go to https://ohiofestivals.net/52-pawpaw-festival-albany-september-17-2011/ To read my 2016 experience, you can go to https://ohiofestivals.net/ohio-pawpaw-festival-albany ******************** Before discussing my time at the Pawpaw Festival, allow me to briefly discuss what a fun state Ohio … Read more

Tremont Arts Festival Review

For my third festival of the weekend, I met a friend of mine and her two sons in Tremont (an artsy section near downtown Cleveland) for some brunch and the Tremont Arts Festival. I parked the car and had to cross the park to get to the South Side Restaurant. The … Read more

Skunk Fest Review – North Ridgeville, Ohio

I really wasn’t sure where to go today. On the one hand, there’s a potato festival in Mantua (1 hr 15 min) that advertises pierogies and potato pancakes. But, on the other hand, there’s the Skunk Fest. Where else am I going to get that? And – what’s more – where … Read more

St. Nicholas Greek Festival Review

So the St. Nicholas Greek Festival is not new to me. It’s the first Greek Festival I’ve ever been to and the main comparison I use to other Greek Festivals. It’s filled with great food and desserts and an ever-growing amount of people who go each year. Taking place on a limited … Read more

The Milan Melon Festival Review

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There is an updated 2014 Review here – https://ohiofestivals.net/milan-melon-festival-revisited/ ******************** For a town so close (30 minutes), it shames me to say I’ve never been in one of Thomas Edison’s homes. Although I doubt I would be greatly excited by the tour, I have gone out of my … Read more

A quick listing of festival hopping (so far)!

When I got back from Ireland towards the end of June, the remaining summer seemed lifeless. Apart from summertime duties – like mowing the lawn – what would I really have to look forward to? There were no more big trips planned or great outings scheduled. Looking at my calendar … Read more