My Favorite Festivals of 2018

Last year, I wrote a post about My Favorite Festivals of 2017, which you can read HERE.

I really liked this idea since it not only gave me a chance to reflect on all the year’s festivals, but it gave readers a chance to catch up on some great festival reviews that they (you) may have missed.  So let’s continue this tradition for  2018, especially since I got to see over 60 festivals in three states.

Here, festival fans, are…

My Favorite Festivals of 2018

10.) YpsiFest – Ypsilanti, Michigan

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/ypsifest/

Why it’s one of my favorites: When I first arrived on Saturday morning, it was raining and slow to start.  I actually left, deciding not to review the festival since it wouldn’t show an accurate picture of what the festival is typically like.

The following day, the weather was much better and I had the chance to return and give the festival a second look.  I’m glad I did, since the festival had a lot to offer, including various forms of entertainment and attractions, many local groups and organizations holding booths, local vendors, nice food options and just a sizable community festival.

9.) Olde Canal Days – Canal Fulton, Ohio

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/olde-canal-days-festival-canal-fulton/

Why it’s one of my favorites: Downtown Canal Fulton is really pretty, so I enjoyed just walking around the designated festival area. In the downtown area, there was a fantastic selection of food vendors that lined the streets, not-to-mention interesting gift vendors, local organizations and entertainment.  Beyond this, there was a nearby area with carnival rides, games and food and a more distant area where kids could climb onto trucks and farm machinery (also with food options).

8.) The Dayton Art Institute’s Oktoberfest – Dayton, Ohio

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/dayton-oktoberfest/

Why it’s one of my favorites: If you wanted to, you could spend the entire day here.  Many great German and non-German food options, access to the Art Institute, various music stages, a tent for watching football games, and wine and beer galore.  The more interesting twist to this festival is that it’s not the typical Oktoberfest where you can purchase lederhosen, feathered hats and cuckoo clocks.  Instead, gift vendor tents showcase local artists (it is hosted by the Art Institute after all, right?).

7.) Washboard Music Festival – Logan, Ohio

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/washboard-music-festival-logan/

Why it’s one of my favorites: Ohio has a few festivals that help highlight the state’s uniqueness, like this festival where the only manufacturer of handmade washboards in the United States is here in Logan, Ohio. At the Washboard Music Festival, you can enjoy plenty of washboard-rich musical performances, tour the Columbus Washboard Company, purchase (and play) your own washboard, and enjoy a nice selection of food, a car show, stuff for the kids (inflatables, train rides), and more.

6.) Italian-American Heritage Festival – Warren, Ohio

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/italian-american-heritage-festival/

Why it’s one of my favorites: Located in Courthouse Square, this large festival offered bocce competitions, rides and carnival games, a beer garden, live music, a large basket raffle and a tent devoted to Italian culture, history and genealogy. I was really impressed by the size and offerings of this festival, especially in terms of the food.  So much food – it was overwhelming (and delicious).

5.) Shaker Woods Festival – Columbiana, Ohio

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/shaker-woods-festival/

Why it’s one of my favorites: While I’m not a big shopper at festivals, I do enjoy these woodsy autumn festivals with old-fashioned/historic artisan-made gifts, chuck wagon styled food and bluegrass musical entertainment.  Shaker Woods does it well with plenty of offerings in terms of vendors, food and music and the festival grounds are really beautiful.

4.) Our Lady of the Scapular Polish Festival – Wyandotte, Michigan

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/polish-festival-wyandotte/

Why it’s one of my favorites: From the street, the festival at this historic Polish church doesn’t look like much.  There are some (non-Polish) ethnic food booths, horse rides and animal petting for the kids, and some music to enjoy.  But then you walk deeper into the grounds and see all the people enjoying bigger live music performances, a tent devoted to all sorts of candy that you can buy in bulk, another much larger tent filled with all sorts of family games and various prizes and let’s not forget the food!  Along with some typical food options, there is a huge Polish platter that ton of people were waiting for – just look at the picture above.  Fried pierogi, potato pancake, stuffed cabbage, kraut, hot dog and pickle.

It’s a dish that makes the festival trip all worth it!

3.) New Earth Festival – Atlanta, Indiana

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/new-earth-festival-atlanta/

Why it’s one of my favorites: The entire town is devoted to this festival.

Let me say that again – The. Entire. TOWN!

There are over 600 vendors spread around the town of Atlanta, offering a huge variety of items.  As one would expect, there are also various food vendors, activities for the kids, and music entertainment.  There’s even a real train that comes into the town (in the midst of the festival) and offers rides.

2.) The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace – Rock Creek, Ohio

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/great-lakes-medieval-faire/

Why it’s one of my favorites: This is a huge festival where you could spend the entire day, as there are many entertainment stages, gift vendors, food options and fun distractions throughout the large festival area.  If you love Renaissance festival, many of the offerings will be familiar to you, but it will definitely not disappoint.

1.) Michigan Renaissance Festival – Holly, Michigan

Read Review at https://ohiofestivals.net/michigan-renaissance-festival/

Why it’s one of my favorites: Two Renaissance festivals in a row in my top 10?  Yes!  Like at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire (seen above), you can easily spend the entire day (if not the weekend) here as there are so many entertainment stages, food options, shops and fun distractions.  And this festival is just so big that I lost my bearings a few times while trying to navigate through the grounds and see everything.  A very fun festival, overall, and everyone is really nice there.

I hope you have enjoyed my favorite festivals of 2018. What were your favorites? Feel free to write and let me know.