1.) Cleveland Kurentovanje Festival Review – February 22, 2020

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I first documented this festival in 2014, which you can read about at https://ohiofestivals.net/cleveland-kurentovanje-winter-festival/ **** It had been a few years since I last attended the Cleveland Kurentovanje… …yet it was still as lively as ever. As Polka music filled the Slovenian National Home, vendors on the main … Read more

Your 2018 Most Read Festival Reviews

So you just read MY favorite festivals yesterday (click HERE if you didn’t) and you may be wondering what your favorite festivals in 2018 have been. Using Google Analytics, I’ve been able to compile a listing of your 10 Most Read Festival Reviews for 2018. Usually, most reviews get more … Read more

33.) The Great Lakes Medieval Faire and Marketplace Review – Rock Creek – August 12, 2018

Beyond the ticket booths and castle walls… …past the feast hall… …and after the band… …there’s a pathway that takes you by… …a Peasant Village… …camel and horse rides… …and your first armor and sword shop… …before unleashing you into the woods… …where you could go off and create your … Read more

Ohio’s Best Festivals

UPDATED: 10/14/19 Ohio has over 2000 festivals! 2000!  Let that soak in a bit. If you’re new to Ohio, or even if you’re new to Ohio’s festival world, you may be searching through my 500+ festival reviews and trying to figure out what the best festivals are. And while I … Read more

My Favorite Festivals of 2017

Now that I’ve shared what festivals you’ve read the most in 2017, I thought I would share my favorite festivals of 2017. Out of over 40 festivals visited in and beyond Ohio, these are my top 10. Hope you enjoy… 10.) Kent Potterfest https://ohiofestivals.net/potterfest/ With a cute location and many … Read more

Your 2017 Most Read Festival Reviews

Now that we’re toward the end of the year, I thought it would be interesting to look at all of the 2017 traffic and see what posts you guys read the most. Since most readers don’t come across a festival review until the following year (an issue of timing), most … Read more

2015 in Review

This year, I’ve been to and reviewed 36 festivals.  There probably would have been more if I didn’t take a summer vacation in June, but I’m honestly not regretting it at all (it was a GREAT summer trip). The festivals varied in theme and type… …including beer fests (Columbus Winter … Read more

2014 Welcome and Update

Welcome new subscribers! And thanks to all who follow and read my posts! I’m writing this to let you know that, although I’m not writing festival reviews at the moment, they will be coming soon enough.  I’m hoping to go to a chocolate festival (Medina) in early February and an … Read more

A Festival Milestone


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Please read about my festival announcement and help me spread the word!

In these 5 years of Ohio travels…

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