Ohio Festivals for the Weekend of February 24-27, 2022

Classic Northern Ohio Festivals this weekend.

So, by now, Ohioans are a tad sick of the winter. We’ve already had our big February winter storm followed by a heat wave to remind us what Spring feels like. But now the cold weather is back again along with the threat of more snow.

Interestingly enough, the weather and our winter mindset will only help us appreciate this weekend’s festivals!

I say this because two festivals, the Burning Snowman Fest and the Cleveland Kurentovanje Winter Festival both do something to help chase the winter away: the Burning Snowman burns a giant snowman effigy, borrowing from the Swiss tradition for better weather, while the Cleveland Kurentovanje imports the Kurents, Slovenian birdlike creatures in sheepskin, to chase away winter with their clubs and giant cowbells.

Both are worth seeing in person (read my reviews to see some images of each).

I should mention that the Burning Snowman Festival is for adults, but this year there is a family-friendly version the day before called The Family Freeze.

If you’re still cool with winter (no pun intended) or would like to embrace how winter can be fun, then check out another Cleveland festival this winter called Brite Winter. It gives you tons of music, games, art and food each year and is a rather enjoyable festival (you could do Kurentovanje in the early afternoon and shoot over to Brite in the evening). This year, Brite Winter does have an admission of $5 with higher ticket options for swag and VIP possibilities. Check their site for details.


Before I sign off for the week, I want to let you know that I’ve been updating listings on the Ohio Festival Guide. So far, I’ve gone through my first run through the month of September. I’m going to run through March and April again before going through October, November and December.

It’s amazing how many festivals are out there (and amazing that I do this all by myself – maybe I need interns).

Speaking of the many festivals out there, I should also mention that there are also links before for the Festival Guides of Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina (in case you visit there, live there part of the year or have family/friends there).

Have a great weekend, everyone! Many more festivals next weekend, including the big Arnold Sports Fest in Columbus.

Love, Peace and Festival Grease!

Upcoming Festival Weekend: February 17-20, 2022


MAP of festival and fair food cities this weekend.

If you can’t see the map on your smartphone, click HERE.


My Experiences of this Weekend’s Festivals

2/26 – Brite WinterCleveland My Review

2/26 – Cleveland Kurentovanje Winter FestivalCleveland My Review

2/26 – Burning Snowman FestPort ClintonMy Review



2/25 – The Family Freeze – Port Clinton
2/26 – Brite Winter – Cleveland – My Review
2/26 – Burning Snowman Fest – Port Clinton – My Review
2/26 – Cleveland Kurentovanje Winter Festival – Cleveland – My Review


2/21-2/27 – The Columbus Dispatch Home & Garden Show II – Columbus
2/25-2/27 – Cleveland Golf Show – Cleveland
2/25-2/27 – Cleveland Auto Show I – Cleveland
2/26 – Dash of Love Craft and Vendor Show – Strongsville
2/26 – Oddmall – Expedition Elsewhere – Akron
2/26 – Back Road Reptiles and Exotics Expo – Lima
2/26-2/27 – Cincinnati Home & Garden Show I – Cincinnati
2/27 – Doll and Bear Show and Sale – Strongsville
2/27 – Jim and Dan Comic and Toy Show! I – Dayton


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