Ohio Festivals for the Weekend of March 17-20, 2022

The Return of the Buzzards and a nearby challenging dish.

On March 15 every year, the buzzards return to Hinckley, Ohio like clockwork. There are various legends as to why they come back that day. One talks of a massive hunt in 1818 that left hundreds of animals carcasses to rot – a meal the buzzards never seemed to regret. Another recounts the death of a Wyandott squaw at the location where the buzzards now call home. Whatever the reason for their timely return, it’s a remarkable natural phenomenon and one that deserves a festival – which will be going on this Sunday (check out the review below).

Another event this weekend worth noting actually takes place just a bit north of Toledo in the state of Michigan. Each year, the American Legion in Deerfield put on a Testicle Festival where the fried up mountain oysters are served with chicken gizzards, baked beans (with bacon), coleslaw and a role. It is actually a wonderful plate of delicious grub and a festival worth considering. You can read my review at https://festivalguidesandreviews.com/testicle-festival-deerfield-michigan/

By the way, there is usually a Testicle Festival in Ohio but I’m still trying to get word to see if it’s going on. Keep checking the Ohio Festival Guide.

Other Ohio Festivals this weekend include a Blues Festival, an Ice Wine Festival, a Maple Syrup Festival, plenty of shows and more. Look at the list below, along with the map to see what festivals may be going on around you.

Have a great weekend and a splendid St. Patrick’s Day Weekend. Be safe out there!

Love, Peace and Festival Grease!

Upcoming Festival Weekend: March 17-20, 2022


MAP of festival and fair food cities this weekend.

If you can’t see the map on your smartphone, click HERE.


My Experiences of this Weekend’s Festivals

3/20 – Buzzard Sunday – Hinckley – My Review



3/18-3/19 – River City Blues Festival – Marietta
3/18-3/20 – Hello Spring by Vintage Market Days – Canton
3/18-3/20 – Serpent Mound Full Moon Peace Summit – Peebles
3/19 – Ice Wine Festival III – Madison
3/19-3/20 – Maple Sugar Days II – Bath
3/20 – Buzzard Sunday – Hinckley – My Review


3/17-3/20 – Columbus International Auto Show – Columbus
3/17-3/20 – Progressive Cleveland Boat Show – Cleveland – USUALLY IN JANUARY
3/17-3/20 – Ohio Beef Expo – Columbus
3/18-3/20 – Ohio Open Season Sportman’s Expo – Columbus
3/19 – Camp Creek Poultry Show – Lima
3/19 – Valley Forge Spring Craft Show – Parma Heights
3/19-3/20 – Railfest Train Show – Kirtland
3/19-3/20 – Sacred Journey Metaphysical Market – Cincinnati
3/20 – Cleveland Comic, Card and Nostalgia Show – Westlake
3/20 – Cincinnati Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show – Loveland
3/20 – All Cleveland Reptile Show & Sale – Medina


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