2009 Tremont Arts Festival – Cleveland, Ohio – My Experience

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I returned to the festival in 2017, which you can read about at



For my third festival of the weekend, I met a friend of mine and her two sons in Tremont (an artsy section near downtown Cleveland) for some brunch and the Tremont Arts Festival.

I parked the car and had to cross the park to get to the South Side Restaurant. The park was packed with people and music, much bigger than I remember from the year before. Maybe I arrived too early the previous year. Who knows? There were PEOPLE!

I got to South Side and they had chicken and waffles, which has always fascinated a northerner like myself. Fried chicken in the morning…and with syrup. Wow.

I contemplated waiting until I visited the south for my first tasting, but the waitress raved about it. Plus it was real maple syrup, tempura fried chicken breast and a pat of cinnamon butter.

How could I pass?

Check out that syrup-soaked waffle. It was really good, but I would get the syrup on the side next time. It was a sugar overload. With the sriracha sauce on the side, though, the maple sugar and chicken went well together. I liked that a lot.

We went to the festival after, which consisted of 2-3 paths off the park’s center, where chalk drawings were found.

There were also entertainers in the center and around the park.

The paths had booths on each side with various art. Some were organizations, one was for the Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson – who shook hands with everyone, and there were things for the kids and some food vendors too.

In the park area, they had some vehicles from Tim’s Wild Creations….

Basically, these were suped up vehicles where maybe the top came off like this one…


…or maybe they were just monster vehicles.

They were there for kids and adults alike to climb on and check out, which they did. Tim stood around and enjoyed their enjoyment. I even climbed up in this truck on the left here….

…because a woman looked at me and said, “Did you go up?”
“No,” I replied.
“I think you should.”
So I did…and was created by him…

He smelled the maple, I’m sure.