2009 Skunk Fest – North Ridgeville, Ohio – My Experience

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I returned to the festival in 2013, which you can read about at



I really wasn’t sure where to go today. On the one hand, there’s a potato festival in Mantua (1 hr 15 min) that advertises pierogies and potato pancakes.

But, on the other hand, there’s the Skunk Fest. Where else am I going to get that?

And – what’s more – where else will I have to sign a waver to get in!?

The possible danger I was putting myself into seems to be great first date material to say the least..

“What did you do this weekend?”
“I went to a skunk fest…I had to sign a waver.”
“In case you were sprayed?”
“Or even bitten and clawed.”
“You’re so brave! Sleep with me?”

Ok, so it probably wouldn’t go like that. Maybe more like her thinking that I was an idiot for having to soak myself in a tub of tomato juice. But at least I was entertained…and it’s FREE!

Upon arriving at the park, the place was packed. Really. I almost didn’t think I would get a spot.

And, while driving to find a spot, I passed a couple who each carried their own skunk. Wow.

When I got inside, I passed a guy with a white skunk. I had never seen one before and he allowed me to take a photo.

Past a food tent (which also had raw veggies for the skunks), there were various booths for various skunk or pet-related activities set up throughout the park. This is only a small section in the photo. There was a section behind me, a row of tables to the left (out of view) and to the right.

Among the tables were Pet First Aid, Recognizing Eye Disease in Pets, and even a Pet Communicator/Psychic. I believe I also saw a table where a guy sold his self-published skunk-related children’s books.

Here’s a pic of all the stuff I got from the various tables…

On the left is a brochure on a doggy camp. The middle has a recipe book I won by spinning a wheel. The right has the first aid info (where to go for the class) along with the brochure and card of the Animal Communicator.

Now, the bigger booklets on the left are from a group that saved farm animals. Chickens, geese, pigs, etc.

Here are a saved chicken and a goose. One of the chickens there was saved from a cock fight (not this one, I don’t believe) while this goose was found in a pond. They realized it was domesticated based on its people-friendly attitude and inability to eat on its own.

They also had a goat with them.

Another animal group had stranger animals they saved.

There were many animal groups. Even for various dogs, chinchillas, basic pets and even ferrets.

My mom doesn’t care for ferrets much, so I got her a shirt..

But, before you start thinking it was about every animal BUT the skunk, I should bring this topic back to the main focus…

…with skunk stuff…..


…skunk signs for the home (click on photo to open it and read)…

…skunk awards…

…skunks on display…

…skunk pets (the white skunk)…

…and a skunk car.

Did you notice Pepe inside?.

All in all, a wonderful time. The people were great, the animals were interesting, and a festival I think I would go back to for sure.

For the record, I was NOT sprayed. :-)