Ohio Festival Weekend: February 22-25, 2024

Burning Snowmen during the Brite Winter: Some great winter festivals this weekend! Hello, Festival Fans. Just last weekend, after recovering from the shock of USA Today mentioning my Eclipse Festival Guide in their article (found here), I was thinking to myself: February is almost over. When is the Brite Winter … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: February 15-18, 2024

Ice Sculptures, Beer, Shows and the Solar Eclipse Festival Guide. Hello, Festival Fans. For many of you, Lent has started and you’re probably still digesting some paczki as you read this Hope you didn’t give up festivals in your Lenten intentions. This week is mild, festival-wise, as there are only … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: February 8-11, 2024

Chasing away the Winter. Calling in the Eclipse. Hello, Festival Fans. Before I start about this weekend’s festivals, I would like to make a Special Announcement… …about the Eclipse. I am actively searching for all Eclipse-related festival events to put on the Ohio Festival Guide. Events should have music and … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: February 1-4, 2024

Ice Sculptures, Beer, a Carnival, and many Vendor Shows this Groundhog Day Weekend! Hello, Festival Fans. I’ve been continuing to update the Festival Guide and have just finished going through September’s festivals. As I continue to confirm festivals, I copy over those festivals associated with the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: January 25-28, 2024

Ice and Winter Festivals, Expos, Shows and Updates! Hello, Festival Fans. The ice is thawing in exchange for rain, just as some Ice and Winter Festivals are around the corner. That’s Ohio for you. This weekend, there’s an Ice Festival at Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland and one at Crocker … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: January 18-21, 2024

Beer and an assortment of shows this weekend! Hello, Festival Fans. This past weekend was a rough one for most of you in terms of low temperatures and this weekend may not be a dramatic improvement. Fortunately, most of the festivals and events are indoors this weekend, except for the … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: January 11-14, 2024

A little bit of Winter and a little bit of beer! (1/11/24 Update – Willoughby Ice Fest added after this post was published) Welcome back, Festival Fans. As the month continues, Ohio will be celebrating two Winter Festivals this weekend – one in Perrysburg and the other in Loudonville. I’ve … Read more

Ohio Festival Weekend: January 4-7, 2024

A new year with some Shows, Festivals and Announcements! Happy 2024, Festival Fans! Festivals and Shows are starting off light with a Building and Renovation Show, an Ohio RV and Boat Show, a Pigeon Club Winter Show and a Winter Guitar Show. There is also a continuation of some Holiday … Read more

Christmas Light Shows and Events for the Rest of 2023.

Celebrate the rest of 2023 with Holiday Lights and New Year’s Eve Celebrations! Welcome back, Festival Fans. We are at the end of the year when festivals, as we typically know them, are basically non-existent. What you will see in the following TWO weeks of events (I’m listing the rest … Read more

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