2010 St. Nicholas Greek Festival – Lorain, Ohio – My Experience

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This post documents my experience on September 9, 2010.


To start my supercharged festival weekend (keep looking at the dates as you read through these postings), I stopped at the St. Nicholas Greek Festival since they start their festival on Thursday.

When I attended this festival last year, I only gave a quick summary, which you can read here. Then, when they had their first spring version this year, I was able to give more details of their festivals here.

Unfortunately, though, there were still some things I needed to mention about the September version. So here they are!

Here’s the drive thru I’ve been meaning to present…

…which really makes the gyro pickup easy and quick.

Just be careful pulling out of your parking space in case a car comes whizzing by to get in line.

Inside, there are more things available during the fall festival…

…including silent auction goodies in the hallway…

…as well as this side room.

This this basket alone is worth betting on.

And in the Pastry Room at the end of the hallway…

…there are homemade desserts galore…

…including the swirls and galaktoboureko I love.

And some desserts are even driven in from a Greek bakery in Indiana.

Honestly, though, the homemade desserts alone merit a visit to this free event…

…and the moussaka and lamb shank make it memorable.