El Sabor Latino Community Festival – Lorain, Ohio – My Experience

This post documents my experience on July 9, 2012.

If you’ve read many of my other festival posts, you may have noticed how culturally diverse the city of Lorain is through such festivals as…

St. Anthony’s Pierogi Fest

St. Nicholas Greek Festival

Russian Food Festival

Hungarian Day

Las Fiestas Patronales

…and the Lorain International Festival.

But did you know that, of all the cities in Ohio, Lorain has the highest percentage of Hispanic residents (more than 20%)?

It’s true.

So when I heard that the city was holding the first annual El Sabor Latino Community Festival at Black River Landings, I made sure to attend…

…because I can’t tell you how much I love Puerto Rican food!

On this rather super hot day, I walked on the grounds and saw some usual offerings of festivals here…

…such as the permanent stage for musical entertainment…

…and the typical rides, games…

…and fair food vendors.

But I soon headed to the heart of the festival…

…where you could purchase tamales from the Mexican Mutual Society

…freshly made pastelillos (meat pies) from the Lorain Pioneers

…and various other goodies from the El Bori Mex Bar & Grill.

And I found myself in Latino Food Heaven!

But as I said, it was far too hot, and I couldn’t eat anything just yet. So I casually strolled across the way where festival goers could learn about such things as…

…the PRIDE initiative, which helps Lorain residents…

…breast cancer, thanks to the Visiting Angels and Amigas Unidas

…and even the future (Elite Psychic Angel) if they so desired.

In fact, my future soon became clear when my phone rang and it was Julia.

Being that it was getting close to dinner time, she was hoping I was still at the festival to bring something delicious home.

I didn’t let her down.