Pony Wagon Days – St. Paris, Ohio

Pony Wagon Days traditionally kicks off with a parade, followed by a basket auction. During the three days of the festival, there are live music, rides for children and food vendors.

2023 DATE: September 7-9, 2023
Location: Downtown St. Paris
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ponywagondays/


This post documents my experience on September 12, 2015 This is NOT a reflection of how the festival usually is.

So, honestly, Pony Wagon Days was a festival that wasn’t a festival.

The website said the festival lasted from September 10 through September 12…

…but only the parade was Thursday, September 10…

…nothing was scheduled for September 11…

…and then this was going on Saturday, September 12…

…a rummage sale…

…or flea market…

…with one food vendor.

When talking to some residents, I was told that the festival was canceled due to the lack of volunteers.

But when reading the website, it appeared like the festival did occur (just without all the bells and whistles that would make it a festival).

Whatever the case, when driving through downtown, I felt the village was cute…

…but the non-festival definitely wasn’t.

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