Lorain Latino Fest – Lorain, Ohio – My Experience

This post documents my experience on September 20, 2009. One of Lorain’s best festivals is definitely the Lorain International Festival. A cornucopia of food brought together for a mass of hungry festival goers. It’s almost like a culinary Epcot Center where the World Showcase is squeezed together in 1/1000 the … Read more

2009 St. Nicholas Greek Festival – Lorain, Ohio – My Experience

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I returned to this festival in 2015, which you can read about at https://ohiofestivals.net/st-nicholas-greek-festival-lorain-revisited/ **** So the St. Nicholas Greek Festival is not new to me. It’s the first Greek Festival I’ve ever been to and the main comparison I use to other Greek Festivals. It’s filled with great food … Read more