The Valley City Frog Jump Festival – Valley City, Ohio – My Experience

2023 DATE: July 23, 2023This post documents my experience on August 15, 2010. In 1962, Liverpool Township was trying to plan their 150-year town celebration. Inspired by Mark Twain’s short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” a frog jumping competition was created to give children something to take … Read more

2010 Festival of the Fish – Vermilion, Ohio – My Experience

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve returned to this festival in 2016. You can read the updated festival review here –https://ohiofestivals.net/festival-of-the-fish-vermilion/ This post documents my experience on June 18, 2010. ******************** When festival-goers hear of Vermilion, Ohio, the first thing that pops in their head is the Woolly Bear Festival, a festival where people … Read more

2010 Port Clinton Walleye Festival – Port Clinton, Ohio – My Experience

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There is an updated 2015 Review here – https://ohiofestivals.net/port-clinton-walleye-festival-revisited/ This post documents my experience on May 31, 2010. ******************** One of the great risks of both planning and attending a festival is weather. You never can tell what’s going to happen – especially in Ohio. And, sometimes, while things … Read more

2009 Skunk Fest – North Ridgeville, Ohio – My Experience

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I returned to the festival in 2013, which you can read about at https://ohiofestivals.net/skunk-fest-north-ridgeville/**** I really wasn’t sure where to go today. On the one hand, there’s a potato festival in Mantua (1 hr 15 min) that advertises pierogies and potato pancakes. But, on the other hand, there’s … Read more