Old Time Jamboree – Amherst, Ohio – My Experience

This post documents my experience on July 10, 2010.

The Old-Time’s Jamboree used to be tedious for those who traveled through downtown Amherst. Set around downtown’s 5-stop intersection in front of city hall, sections of roads would be closed and cause nightmares all weekend.

Fortunately, it’s now moved out of the way in a city parking lot and the surrounding grassy area.

But, unfortunately, there’s really nothing to it anymore.

The festival is simply constructed with a grid of booths.

Booths and people in one direction…

…booths and people in another…

…and then just a clutter of people to squeeze through.

Once you get in through the walkway, there’s no clear direction to take. You just wander to the left or right or get caught in a crowd of people. Granted, I’m sure it’s easier to make your way during the early afternoon, but it still doesn’t seem well-thought out.

Years ago, there used to be a huge stage for concerts and bleachers for the audience…

…now there’s a stage off to the side and people standing – that dad will be tired in 10 minutes.

I will say that there was a fortune teller this year with $5 palm readings. Julia and I decided to try it out.

Unfortunately, Julia was given exactly the $5 dollars she paid for. The “psychic” minimally looked at her palm, made huge generalities, and promised her things without referencing ANY lines at all. Life line? Heart line? Marriage line? She didn’t mention any of it. I think her boy next to her even rolled his eyes.

But I’m not going to blame planners on checking her psychic credentials. I’m only adding this side story to help flavor our sentiments of the jamboree.

After the reading, we looked for something refreshing among the vendors…

…passing an interesting jumping thing…

…the games…

…and the biggest lemonade booth I’ve ever seen.

But we ended up getting a frozen coke (for me) and an ice cream sundae (for her) away at some local businesses. My mom would later tell me that the Kettle Corn and the funnel cakes here were both G-O-O-D..

Just an FYI.