36.) Strasburg Corn Festival Review – July 31, 2010

Going to small town festivals is always a gamble, especially in less populated areas like Amish Country. I realize I’ve said this once before, prior to the highly enjoyable Dandelion Festival. But even with such a delightful surprise, it’s difficult to justify that kind of drive when there’s another corn festival coming (North Ridgeville) only 10 miles away.

That’s why I’m admitting that I only stopped at the Strasburg Corn Festival because it was roughly on the way to the next festival in Pickerington.

But I am so glad I did.

The festival itself was easy to miss. There weren’t many signs directing traffic and I turned down a road more by a hunch than anything else. After crossing some railroad tracks and coming through a small parking lot, I found a grassy parking area where young police officers directed me in.

When I got to the festival grounds, it seemed like a huge family picnic.

I don’t remember seeing anything really commercial there. All the booths with games or food…

…were all sponsored or held by local organizations and churches.

Among the groups, the Strasburg American Legion…


…were the most noticeable…

…with a mighty smoky (and great smelling) barbeque.

Unlike the Dandelion Festival, the booths didn’t sell a variety of corn dishes. Instead, their corn dishes included…

…corn dogs and corn chips.

But the main attraction helped me forget all this.

Bags of raw corn went in the cooker…

… and tasty cobs came out…and at only $1 an ear!

It was $3 at the Ohio State Fair!

And there was plenty of melted butter to brush on…

…making the heart quiver even the tiniest bit.

Honestly, it was probably the best corn I had all year.

For those who finished eating their corn and corn chips, there was also a stage for various entertainment.

I unknowingly left the festival before the cloggers performed here…

…but not before I noticed this cage filled with live mice…

…surrounded by a betting counter.

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t being run at the moment – possibly in respect for the cloggers about to perform. So instead, I continued on my way…


…and bought some cookies before heading to the car.