The Best Festival Guides

For over 12 years, I've been visiting, reviewing and listing festivals...

...fine tuning the Ohio Festival Guide with over 2,150 listed festivals (link below).

But, over time, I wanted to check out the Mothman Festival in West Virginia...

...the Hippie Fest in Michigan...

...and "Little Green Men Days" in Kentucky.

So, over time, I created Festival Guides in other states to help you (and me) in our festival adventures.

Here are all the Festival Guides in alphabetical order. Links will be found at the bottom of each page.

1.) Florida Festival Guide 1260+ Festivals

Florida Festivals celebrate pirates, manatees, strawberries and all types of seafood.

Guide in link below.

2.) Georgia Festival Guide 800+ Festivals

2.) Georgia festivals have everything from shrimp + grits to chicken livers + gizzards.  Tons of BBQ, seafood, wine and peanut festivals too.

Guide in link below.

3.) Illinois Festival Guide 1250+ Festivals

3.) Illinois festivals are loaded with Oktoberfests while some festivals even celebration Superman and Popeye 

Guide in link below.

4.) Indiana Festival Guide 975+ Festivals

Indiana has the biggest pierogi festival as well as festivals about the Cole Porter and James Dean.

Guide in link below.

5.) Kentucky Festival Guide 700+ Festivals

Kentucky offers festivals about Bourbon and Daniel Boone, as well as spoonbread, burgoo and beer cheese.

Guide in link below.

6.) Michigan Festival Guide 1200+ Festivals

Michigan festivals are great for fish, blueberries, cherries and beer. 

Guide in link below.

7.) (Western) New York Festival Guide 700+ Festivals

Along with many cultural fests, New York has festivals about Rod Serling and Lucille Ball.

Guide in link below.

8.) Ohio Festival Guide 2150+ Festivals

Ohio festivals celebrate everything from pawpaws and sauerkraut to skunks and buzzards.

Guide in link below.

10.) (Western) Pennsylvania Festival Guide 730+ Festivals

Along with UFO's, Bigfoot and the Mars New Year, Pennsylvania fests are all about cultural fests with or without pierogi.

Guide in link below.

11.) Tennessee Festival Guide 800+ Festivals

In Tennessee, whiskey festivals can help wash down the fried pickle and Moon Pie fests. Great music festivals too.

Guide in link below.

12.) West Virginia Festival Guide 400+ Festivals

West Virginia festivals plate everything from ramps and dandelions to delicious "roadkill" with pepperoni rolls sold at each of them.

Guide in link below.

13.) Wisconsin Festival Guide 1000+ Festivals

Along with Dairy festivals, Wisconsin offers many cultural, beer music fests.

Guide in link below.

Hopefully, one of these guides will help you in your search for some fantastic festival experiences.

Love, Peace and Funnel Cake Grease!

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