Southeast Ohio


Southeast Ohio

2016 Southeast Ohio Festival Schedule

Welcome to the 2016 Southeast Ohio Festival Schedule, a section of the main Ohio Festival Schedule.

Festivals found on this page include all festivals south of I-70 and as far west as the following counties: Fairfield, Hocking, Vinton, Jackson and Lawrence.

If you find a festival on this page in error, please write me and let me know. Also, let me know if there’s a festival for this area that you do not see on this page (I am not including festivals with unconfirmed dates on this page).

“My Review” means that it’s a link to my review of that festival.

As always, please check dates as time approaches and pay attention to the note below about sharing this list.


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10/1-10/2 – Lowell Oktoberfest
10/7-10/9 – Indian Mound Festival – The Plains
10/8-10/9 – Appalachian Color in the Hills Festival – Glouster
10/14-10/15 – Ohio Smoked Meat and BBQ Festival – Nelsonville – My Review
10/14-10/16 – Bob Evans Farm Festival – Rio Grande
10/15 – Morgan County Heritage Day – McConnelsville
10/15-10/16 – Jerseyville Festival – Shade
10/16 – Little Cities of Black Diamonds Day – Shawnee
10/22 – Marietta Zombie Festival
10/29 – R.O.A.R. Days – McArthur