Weekend Festival Picks: September 8-11, 2016

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Hello, Festival Fans!

There are over 70 festivals in Ohio this weekend (not including fairs and shows)!

It truly is a mega-festival weekend and just so much to do, so I have plenty of options.

BUT, I am only listing 10 and there are plenty more review to see after that and some other fantastic festivals (ie Beavercreek Popcorn, Italian Fall Festa in Kettering, Whitetail Deer Festival in Rarden).  Check the map and see what’s near you.


Have a great weekend!



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Weekend Festival Picks

September 8-11, 2016


St. Nicholas Greek Festival - Lorain

1.) St. Nicholas Greek Festival – Lorain – September 8-11 – FREE

This is one of my favorite Greek fests for the incredible food, the reasonable prices and the great people/volunteers at the church.  Along with the food, there are raffles, entertainment and children’s activities.  Be sure to check out the delicious desserts both made in house and brought in from Michigan.  I want a gyro so bad now.  Check out my 2015 Review of this festival at http://ohiofestivals.net/st-nicholas-greek-festival-lorain-revisited/

Springboro Oktoberfest

2.) Springboro Oktoberfest – September 9-10 – $3 (Children 12 and under Free)

This is a fantastic Oktoberfest with a lot of great food selections, beer, games, entertainment and kids’ activities.  Don’t let the beginning of my 2014 review sway you, as there was some miscommunication when I first arrived.  http://ohiofestivals.net/springboro-oktoberfest/

Lithopolis Honeyfest

3.) Lithopolis Honeyfest – September 9-10 – FREE

Bee beards, honey foods/desserts, honey beer garden, honey tastings, crafts, music and a lot more.  This festival has grown since I’ve been there and has moved to downtown Lithopolis, so I’m due a revisit.  But, in the meantime, you can get a taste of this festival from my 2010 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/63-lithopolis-honeyfest-september-11-2010/

Black Swamp Arts Festival - Bowling Green

4.) Black Swamp Arts Festival – Bowling Green – September 9-11 – FREE

Walk down Main Street in downtown Bowling Green for tons of artists, a Youth Arts Village, live entertainment and some great food.  This is a fun festival to explore as there’s a nice selection of artists and plenty to do.  Check out my 2013 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/black-swamp-arts-festival-bowling-green/

South Vienna Corn Festival

5.) South Vienna Corn Festival – September 9-11 – FREE

The South Vienna Corn Festival is a decently sized festival with a lot of crafts, rides and games.  It’s one of those festivals where you need to really explore because some aspects seem hidden in pockets on the grounds.  Nice food options and only one corn booth that I saw.  Check out my 2015 Review for more at http://ohiofestivals.net/south-vienna-corn-festival/



Skunk Fest – North Ridgeville

6.) Skunkfest – North Ridgeville – September 10 – Cash donation or donation of paper towels or natural grain cereal

Not only are there animal-related groups, animal educators, vendors and food here, but there are quite a few skunks of all sorts (not to mention small exotic animals, ferrets and other critters).  This is really a unique festival and worth checking out.  Just be sure not to pet any skunk without the owner’s permission first.  Check out my 2013 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/skunk-fest-north-ridgeville/

Lakewood Community Festival

7.) Lakewood Community Festival – September 10 – FREE

Celebrate Lakewood with plenty of area groups and businesses with food, music and activities.  It’s a pretty big festival and great for the family.  Plenty of ethnic grub as well.  Check out my 2013 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/lakewood-community-festival/

Cyclops Fest – Yellow Springs

8.) Cyclops Fest – Yellow Springs – September 10 – FREE

The sunflowers are out in Yellow Springs, so go get your pictures, have some ice cream at Young’s Jersey Dairy and then head into town for the Cyclops Fest with all its great vendors, artists, food trucks and beer.  A cute festival with a nice artsy feel.  It’s almost like a small version of the Street Fair.  Check out my 2014 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/cyclops-fest-yellow-springs/

Old Hilliardfest - Hilliard

9.) Old Hilliardfest – Hilliard – September 10 – FREE

Old Hilliardfest is a nice community festival with some good artists, food trucks and music entertainment.  Kids’ activities, an art area, and rides are also a plus.  Check out my 2015 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/old-hilliardfest-hilliard/

Art in the Park Festival - Kent

10.) Art in the Park Festival – Kent – September 10-11 – FREE

Head to Fred Fuller Park for music entertainment, talented artists, food trucks and artistic activities for the kids.  A nice setting for a festival with the family.  For more info, please read my 2015 Review at http://ohiofestivals.net/art-in-the-park-festival-kent/




Festival Reviews – Alphabetized by CITY

Here are more reviews for festivals that go on this weekend.

Fall into Avon Festival

Beavercreek Popcorn Festival

Pioneer Days – Bellevue

Berea Arts Festival

Johnny Appleseed Festival – Brunswick

Yankee Peddler Days – Canal Fulton

Hot Times Festival – Columbus

New American Festival – Columbus

Dayton Greek Festival

St. Mary Magdalene European Festival – Fairview Park

Fredericktown Tomato Show

Grand Lake St. Marys Fall Festival

Indian Festival USA – Independence

Italian Fall Festa – Kettering

Constitution Festival – Louisville

Ohio River Sternwheel Festival – Marietta

Marion Popcorn Festival

Miamisburg Artisan Festival

Middletown Arts Festival

Old West Festival – Mt. Orab

Ohio Renaissance Festival – Waynesville

Pony Wagon Days – St. Paris

Rarden Whitetail Deer Festival

Salt Creek Valley Festival – Richmond Dale

Wellston Coal Festival




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