German-American Festival - Oregon

Weekend Festival Picks: August 25-28, 2016

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Hello, Festival Fans!

There are over 40 festivals in Ohio this weekend (not including fairs and shows)!

Festivals are starting to get a little autumn-esque, meaning more historic themes, shopping and admission fees.  We’ll really see this more after Labor Day.

Here are my picks – hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you as you try to decide what to do this weekend.


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Weekend Festival Picks

August 25-28, 2016


German-American Festival - Oregon

1.) German-American Festival – Oregon – August 26-28 – $7 Daily/$17 Weekend

This may be my most favorite German festival in the state.  Along with all the German food, beer, entertainment, and lederhosen, there are Germanic style buildings and gardens just for this festival.  So it’s almost like you’re in a little Germany with all the modern rides pushed aside behind the trees so as not to ruin the experience.  The only complaint is the food ticket system but, with enough beer and/or sauerkraut balls, you can overlook that.  Read my 2010 Review of this festival at

2.) Burning River Fest – Cleveland – August 26-27 – $15 Daily

Great Lakes Brewery puts this on and I always seem to miss it due to weather, previous obligations or just bad timing.  But I’ve always heard great things about it, including the music, food and its celebration of our local water resources. There’s a save-the-earth vibe with great beer, music, grub and chef demos and it takes place on Whiskey Island.  What more do you want?  You can read my friend’s review of this festival at

galena summerfest

3./4.) Galena Summerfest/Sunbury Sizzle and Sounds – August 27 – FREE

I’m listing these two festivals together because, although they are different festivals in different towns, they are connected through a free shuttle service.  Each has their own entertainment, food and vendors but each has a slightly different vibe.  Sunbury felt more “family” and “kid-friendly” to me whereas Galena felt more “artistic” and “laid-back.”  Let me know what you think.  You can read my Sunbury Review at and my Galena Review at

5.) Cleveland Area Pagan Pride Day – Bedford – August 27-28 – FREE

I can’t help but be intrigued about a Pagan Festival.  Not only will there be workshops titled “Make Your Own Talismans” and “What Does Your Pet Think?”, but there will be psychics, crystals, interesting crafts, children activities, food, music and more.  This is my cup of loose leaf tea.  Something different than your typical town festival.  I mean, aren’t you tired of the same Tupperware and Scentsy vendors?



6.) Cleveland Garlic Festival – August 27-28 – $9 Daily ($5 Seniors/$5 Ages 4-12/ Free 0-3)

The perfect first date festival!  Garlic ice cream, garlic fries and garlic everything.  Many food vendors with garlic dishes, plenty of craft beer vendors, garlic grill-off competitions, entertainment, kids’ activities and more.  You can read my friend’s Review at

great trail festival malvern

7.) Great Trail Festival – Malvern – August 27-28 and September 3-5 – $6 Daily ($4 Ages 10-18/ Free Under 10)

Venture into the woods during early America and watch historic craftsmen dip candles, forge metal sculptures or carve wood.  Plenty of crafts to purchase, grub to eat and music to enjoy.  There’s even a camp area next to the festival where people dress in period clothing and live off food cooked on the campfire (a kind woman gave me a bite of their apple pie).  A really nice autumn festival.  Read my Review of this festival at

8.) Polish Day – Youngstown – August 27 – FREE

If you love pierogi, miss the pre-Lenten paczki, and wouldn’t mind a bit of polka, you can head to Youngstown for this Polish festival.  Kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, cabbage and noodles, kolachi and more.  And when you’re in-between courses, you can enjoy the cultural workshops, performances and marketplace (did you know that even Kiedrowski’s of Amherst/Cleveland heads out to Youngstown for this event?).

9.) Egyptian Festival – Columbus  – August 26-28 – FREE

So I admit that I’m a little food-driven with this festival.  Macaroni bechamel?  Spinach pie?  Konafa (shredded dough with custard or walnuts)?  Yes, yes and YES!  There are also carnival games, a marketplace, church tours, and more.

International Festival - Perrysburg

10.) International Festival of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo – Perrysburg – August 27-28 – $3 Parking per car

I really like this festival.  Not only does it bring awareness and knowledge about the Islamic faith and community and the center in Perrysburg through an optional tour, but it acknowledges all of the cultures of its members through food, merchandise and a showcase (seen during the tour).  There are also games and activities for kids.  A great family event and plenty of good grub.  Read my Review of this festival at




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