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We all know that Ohio has tons of festivals.

But we are not alone in our love for community celebrations…

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…for we can find even more festivals when we venture into the states of our neighbors.

That’s why I’ve decided to research, gather, and create Festival Schedules for all neighboring states…

…so that Ohioans can be aware of other cool festival around them…

…so that our neighbors can come and plan festivals in their own state as well as those in Ohio…

…so that we can all come together, learn from each other via festivals…

…and break funnel cake together.

I bring you the Good Neighbor Festival Program.

Click on one of the images below to be transported to the Festival Schedule Page of your choice.

Go out and plan, explore and celebrate in even more communities of festival-goers!

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More than 4,300 fantastic festivals all at your fingertips!