2.) Artic Ice Festival – Sandusky – February 5, 2011



I have to admit that I usually enjoy festivals more when everything is in one general location, whether on the fairgrounds, a closed-off downtown area, or a park.  In these locations, I know exactly what there is to see and do without additional research or effort.  If the festival area is bigger, there is sometimes a map so that I don’t miss anything.

I’m lazy like that, I guess.

But for winter festivals, I’ve noticed it’s not always like this.  Both Cleveland’s Winterfest and CircleFest, for example, were scattered in various buildings, museums, or parks.  Part of the adventure involved locating the next event.

The Artic Ice Festival in Sandusky didn’t cover as much of an area as these Cleveland festivals, but it definitely wasn’t concentrated in only one location.

Spread between the Senior Center, the Sandusky Sailing Club, the area park and the Maritime Museum of Sandusky

…I decided on going to the spot that seemed more central to this festival.

Honestly, the main reason I came to the Maritime Museum was because it seemed like I would get more activities for my buck.  The Senior Center had a soup cook-off, but admission was $3 (not sure if that included soup).  There was an Underground Railroad Trolley Tour, but that cost $5 and reservations were required.

Instead, at the Maritime Museum, admission was only a dollar so I headed there.  And I was hopeful, at first, since there were ice sculptures outside (see above pic)…

…the US Coast Guard in the parking lot…

…and kids’ activities across the street.

I admit that the snowman waiting for me at the door made me even more hopeful.

But apart from the few kids’ activities inside…

…and the well-attended Ice Boating presentation…

…things weren’t all that festive.

So I took advantage of the $1 admission and learned about…


…marital aids…

…and other rather freaky stuff.

It got to the point that the snowman behind me started to creep me out…so I wasn’t there all that long.